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Show Your PR Colours!

With less than 3 weeks before the voting begins it’s time to show your colours! Let’s paint this province with a huge Proportional Representation brush by using this bright image for your social media profile photo. (If you don’t use social media, read on!)


On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Simply save the above image to your device, then go to your profile and upload as your new profile pic. Encourage your friends to download and use the image too!

Not on Facebook? Check out our new video: “Confused About the Vote? Sacia Breaks it Down”, and share this video.

Confused about the Vote?



Elections PEI – New Videos

Elections PEI has posted new videos about the upcoming plebiscite! Here are three of them:

General information about the vote

About DMP

About MMP

Workshop: How Does Proportional Representation Work?

How Does Proportional Representation Work? Understanding Dual Member Proportional and Mixed Member Proportional electoral systems, a workshop held Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Learn more about what participants found out about DMP & MMP here. 

The two presentations on DMP and MMP were recorded. See the videos below! (*Please note that the model for MMP for PEI was later adjusted based on more information from the Special Committee for Democratic Renewal about their recommended distribution of seats. This information wasn’t available on April 6.)