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Pin It on for PR!

IMG_20160516_160140Look for the Coalition for PR and these nifty flyers and pins at the Dandelion Festival and the Herb Festival and other community events coming up this spring!

Download the printable Website Cards


What Have We Been Doing?

Marie Burge of Cooper Institute just updated this great list of Activities of the Prince Edward Island Coalition for Proportional Representation (PR) from June 3, 2015 to May 10, 2016. We’re almost one year old!


Workshop: How Does Proportional Representation Work?

How Does Proportional Representation Work? Understanding Dual Member Proportional and Mixed Member Proportional electoral systems, a workshop held Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Learn more about what participants found out about DMP & MMP here. 

The two presentations on DMP and MMP were recorded. See the videos below! (*Please note that the model for MMP for PEI was later adjusted based on more information from the Special Committee for Democratic Renewal about their recommended distribution of seats. This information wasn’t available on April 6.)


Only Way to Electoral Reform on PEI – Coalition Member Guest Opinion

Thanks to Coalition and PEI Citizens’ Alliance member Jordan MacPhee for his guest opinion on electoral reform, recently published in the Guardian and Journal Pioneer: 

Every Voter Counts Coalition

The PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation is very pleased to announce we have joined the Every Voter Counts Alliance – February 25, 2016. Here’s how the Alliance describes its goals:

Canada needs a fair voting system that Makes Every Vote Count!

The Every Voter Counts Alliance brings together organizations and individuals in support of a fair voting system where every vote counts, independent of party interests.

A system that will:

  • Provide all citizens a real opportunity to elect a candidate according to their values.
  • Reflect the choice of voters without producing skewed results that do not reflect voter intentions like false majorities and exaggerated regional divisions.
  • Produce a more diverse, inclusive, and representative parliament.
  • Respect the federal character of our country and the existing distribution of seats by province.
  • Increase voter turnout
  • Evidence shows only a proportional representation can achieve these goals and values.

We call on the federal government to consult with experts and Canadians, then implement a truly fair and democratic system for the 2019 federal election. A way for Canadians to choose a local representative and see their political views represented in Parliament with equal and effective votes for all.

Active Partners in Electoral Debate

Thanks to Coalition member Boyd Allen for this opinion piece in the Guardian