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Show Your PR Colours!

With less than 3 weeks before the voting begins it’s time to show your colours! Let’s paint this province with a huge Proportional Representation brush by using this bright image for your social media profile photo. (If you don’t use social media, read on!)


On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Simply save the above image to your device, then go to your profile and upload as your new profile pic. Encourage your friends to download and use the image too!

Not on Facebook? Check out our new video: “Confused About the Vote? Sacia Breaks it Down”, and share this video.

Confused about the Vote?



Frequently Asked Questions about PR

pr-questionWe’ve added a FAQ to our website! https://peipr.ca/faq/

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, post them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer them and add them to the FAQ page.

PR Action Team Launches New Website!


Exciting news! Coalition member group the PR Action Team‘s new website is up and running today. Visit  www.PRonPEI.vote to pledge your vote for PR and to find out more about upcoming events to promote proportional representation across Prince Edward Island.

Pin It on for PR!

IMG_20160516_160140Look for the Coalition for PR and these nifty flyers and pins at the Dandelion Festival and the Herb Festival and other community events coming up this spring!

Download the printable Website Cards

PEIPR Supports Two Choices in Democratic Renewal Report

VotePR12squareOpinion-editorial by Brenda Oslawsky and Marie Burge

The Prince Edward Island Coalition for Proportional Representation (PEIPR) is pleased that Islanders are receiving more information about the November, 2016 plebiscite on electoral reform. The legislature’s Special Committee on Democratic Renewal has presented its report regarding the plebiscite question and this will soon be debated in the legislature.

PEIPR, as a network of 13 community organizations and more than 120 individuals, supports two of the five choices listed in the recommended plebiscite question. Both Dual Member Proportional (DMP) and Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) produce election results that, among other things, will see the number of legislative seats reflect the total popular vote received by each political party. We know there is no perfect system but both these models contain many favourable features.

In community forums sponsored by the legislature’s Special Committee, many Islanders pressed for electoral systems that could work for P.E.I. There is a hunger for change. However, because many people are not yet engaged in this issue, more work is needed to promote greater interest in the plebiscite.

Using the votes from the May, 2015, provincial election as an example, both MMP and DMP would provide the following approximate results.

  • Party A = 40.8% = 11 seats;
  • Party B = 37.4% = 10 seats;
  • Party C = 11.0% = 3 seats
  • Party D = 10.8% = 3 seats

Both proportional systems, MMP and DMP, would prevent lopsided legislatures in which the opposition would consist of only one or two MLAs. They also ensure that every vote counts and every voter counts.

In our view, these two PR options would give P.E.I. a fairer voting system. The other three options – First Past the Post; First Past the Post Plus Leader; and Preferential Voting – would do nothing to ensure that our legislature would reflect the way citizens vote. In that sense, they are not fair.

The PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation supports the work of the PR Action Team, a coalition member focused on developing a public campaign in support of proportional representation. We echo the PR Action Team’s belief that Islanders are intelligent citizens with a great deal of political experience. Informed Islanders committed to the good of their community will make good choices. We believe that they will embrace the chance to lead the way in Canada and introduce proportional representation to P.E.I.

Brenda Oslawsky of Fair Vote PEI and Marie Burge of the Cooper Institute are members of the Prince Edward Island Coalition for Proportional Representation.

Download PDF

What Have We Been Doing?

Marie Burge of Cooper Institute just updated this great list of Activities of the Prince Edward Island Coalition for Proportional Representation (PR) from June 3, 2015 to May 10, 2016. We’re almost one year old!